A culinary journey inspired by southeast asian cuisine 

Doi Moi pays tribute to the culinary traditions and regional dishes found throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Doi Moi, which literally means “new changes,” is typically used to denote renovation, renewal or reconstruction. The name is particularly fitting given the renewal of the Logan Circle neighborhood, the renovation of the historic building in which Doi Moi is housed, and the open door nature of hospitality.

With Executive Chef Johanna Hellrigl at the helm, you can look forward to consistent variety in the menu, with flavors and spices inspired by her time spent abroad and the women she met along the way. 

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JAson Kuller, president & ceo

Jason Kuller is a graduate of Georgetown University and Duke University School of Law. At Duke, Jason also received a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, but quickly found out that none of the big philosophy companies were hiring.

Jason was tapped for his current leadership role by his brother Mark, who founded and created the restaurants. Jason and Mark grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York, where their father was maître d’ at several local legendary resorts and where their mother kept a strictly kosher kitchen. Following his dad’s footsteps, Jason has worked as a waiter, bartender, busboy, and bellhop in the Catskills and later in Las Vegas, where the family moved. Until his current role, Jason’s biggest restaurant moment occurred during his senior year of high school when he was promoted from busboy to “shrimp cocktail boy” at the Treasury Hotel in Las Vegas.

Before his involvement with the restaurants, Jason was principal of Kuller Law in Reno, Nevada, an employment law boutique focusing on workers’ rights and specializing in class actions. As an employment lawyer, Jason has conducted hundreds of seminars nationwide on legal compliance and workplace harassment. After years of defending employers and managers, Jason opened his own firm in 2008 to focus on helping workers. In that capacity he has collected tens of millions in unpaid wages on behalf of his clients.

Last but not least, Jason is a former professional stand-up comic with appearances on NBC, Comedy Central, and the Late Show with David Letterman. His autobiographical one-man show “Goodbye Yellow Brick Joke,” about his family, still airs occasionally on HBO.


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Johanna Hellrigl,Executive Chef 

Born into a family of chefs, Hellrigl was raised in kitchens in Italy and the United States, including New York City where her mother and father owned Palio, an upscale Italian restaurant in Midtown. Her father Andreas Hellrigl was a Michelin-starred chef who set her up in a mini chef’s coat in the pastry section of the kitchen – the safest place for small hands. When her father passed away, Hellrigl’s mother Maria Pia took over the restaurant. Her mother’s resilience taught Hellrigl the importance of perseverance in a tough industry, while the Chefs who her father entrusted with his recipes and techniques taught her integrity in the kitchen.

Under Hellrigl's leadership, Doi Moi has received critical acclaim including a Michelin "Bib Gourmand" rating and inclusion in Washingtonian's 100 Very Best Restaurants of 2019. Before becoming Executive Chef of Doi Moi in March 2018, Hellrigl was previously Executive Chef of former Proof Restaurant and Head Chef of Via Umbria and Boulangerie Christophe in DC. Her local experience also includes a stagiaire under Chef Jordan Lloyd of the Bartlett Pear Inn. In 2017, Hellrigl founded Johanna’s Table, a unique food and boutique catering business that included XII by Johanna’s Table, a monthly pop-up dinner series held throughout Washington, DC. Hellrigl has appeared at a Dinner at the Beard House event in November 2018 and at ChefsFeed Indie Week in April 2019. In 2019, she was named one of 32 restaurant stars on the rise by FSR Magazine.

At Doi Moi, Hellrigl’s dishes draw inspiration from the women of Southeast Asia she met during her four plus years working for a democracy building organization that focused on empowering women from around the globe to increase their political participation. Says Hellrigl: “By day, I trained them on women’s leadership skills or we built new legislation through women’s caucuses in parliament. By night, they introduced me to their homes, their families, their communities and exposed me to different ingredients, flavors and spices that now play a heavy role in my dishes and the Doi Moi dining experience.”

Inspired by her time spent abroad, Hellrigl expanded Doi Moi’s Vietnamese and Thai roots to encompass new and exciting regional flavors from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Sri Lanka. She introduced a more worldly Southeast Asian cuisine to Doi Moi's menu to pay tribute to the cosmopolitan diversity of DC itself. Hellrigl also expanded the menu to include Southeast Asian-inspired sandwiches and breakfast fare for Birds Eye Coffee Bar & Eatery, the daytime cafe inside Doi Moi.