Rey Lopez for Eater DC

Rey Lopez for Eater DC

Doi Moi’s reinvented Menu

“In the year since chef Johanna Hellrigl took over the kitchen at Doi Moi, she’s completely renovated the menu with the goal of representing a wider swath of Southeast Asia.”

- Tierney Plumb, Eater DC


BEst SPring Cocktails 2019

“Our Place in the Sun: Hank’s Cocktail Bar alum Jess Weinstein consulted on new spring cocktails at this sleek day-to-night Logan Circle eatery, integrating ingredients chef Johanna Hellrigl uses across the reinvented Southeast Asian menu."

- Eater DC

On the Importance of Family Meal

Family meal is "what being a team means to us. Everyone is responsible for saying thank you to those who took the time to create family meal."

- Unplated



Our thai style beef sandwich

“Every piece of steak retains its crispy external char but remains tender inside, and the meat’s sweet and sour marinade lingers and blends well with the tart and earthy shallots nestled on top of the sandwich.”

- Caroline Jones, for Washington City Paper

Scott Suchman for the Washingtonian

Scott Suchman for the Washingtonian

WashingtoniaN’s 100 Very Best Restaurants: #69

“One Laotian dish looks like a corn dog but is actually a split lemongrass stalk stuffed with ground pork. Meanwhile, a vegan twist on massaman curry incorporates jackfruit and purple sweet potato into its rich peanut sauce”

- Ann Limpert, Jessica Sidman, Anna Spiegel, and Cynthia Hacinli for the Washingtonian


A SHOUTOUT FOR OUR Blue PEA flower tea

“An eye-catching drink if there ever was one, is this  technicolor tea made from  butterfly pea flower, which changes from a deep blue to a vibrant violet with the addition of citrus. Find it at Doi Moi/Bird's Eye.”

- Aparna Krishnamoorthy for DC Refined

Lindsay Paulen for GW Hatchet

Lindsay Paulen for GW Hatchet

Our Doi-nut in the gw hatchet

“But the dessert that will make the trip to Doi Moi worth it – regardless of what else you order – is the Vietnamese iced coffee doughnut, which is playfully named a “Doi-Nut.” Doi Moi’s version of a doughnut takes a traditional Vietnamese drink and transforms it into an unconventional but insanely delicious treat. It begins with a yeast-based doughnut that is light and fluffy. The doughnut is then stuffed with a sweet, rich Vietnamese iced coffee pastry cream.”

- Lindsay Paulen for the GW Hatchet

Deb Lindsey/for The Washington Post

Deb Lindsey/for The Washington Post

our bacon banh mi in the going out guide

“The bacon banh mi sandwich ($9) at Doi Moi’s southeast Asian-inspired coffee shop features a French baguette from Lyon Bakery; layers of five-spice, caramel-glazed bacon; two sunny-side-up eggs; and a pile of fresh cilantro. Tucked between the thick-cut pork slices are pickled vegetables (carrot, shallot and daikon), Kaffir lime and green chili mayo, and red finger chilies.”

- Megan McDonough for the Washington Post

“We Drank a Lot of Cocktails This Year. Here Are the 5 We Can Remember.”

“We’ll sip Lukas Smith’s piña colada any time of year. His secret? Turning coconut milk into coconut yogurt and adding white rum, pineapple, pandan, galangal, and ginger—plus a wheel of dehydrated lime in place of an umbrella.”

- Jessica Sidman for the Washingtonian

Doi Moi_Oct 5-5.jpg


"The kitchen turns out spicy and bold Southeast Asian dishes, most with a heavy Thai bent. Seared salmon in a pool of turmeric-tinged coconut milk is simply prepared but flavorful, while the pandan "ho ho" takes on the popular packaged snack cake with an Asian flair. Pandan-infused chiffon cake rolled around a coconut kaya frosting and encased in a white chocolate shell, this ho ho is anything but ho-hum." 

- Michelin Guide 2019

Our WHole Fried Snapper

"Where to get your whole fried fish fix in the DC Area: Chef Johanna Hellrigl recommends diners ignore their utensils and use their hands to tackle her whole fried snapper" 

- Laura Hayes for Washington City Paper

Doi Moi_2Bird+NewMenu-145.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.31.47 PM.png


"Doi Moi will become a daytime destination again starting Aug. 13 when Bird's Eye Coffee Bar & Eatery relaunches inside the restaurant under Johanna Hellrigl. The executive chef, who took over in March, said she thought about everything customers could possibly crave when drawing up the breakfast and lunch menus." 

- Laura Hayes for Washington City Paper

Destination Wedding_Sept2018-9.jpg


"A Destination Wedding-Themed Cocktail Bar Opens on 14th Street Today. Visit Las Vegas or Jackson Hole while sipping on a nitrogenated margarita"

- Jessica Sidman for Washingtonian

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.41.00 PM.png


"Skip the bubbles and say yes to the rickey-mojito hybrid (J Rickey) and the specially formulated gin and tonic (New Spanish Boyfriend). Added bonus: The draft station is gilded and shaped like a vintage-style suitcase."

- Fritz Hahn and Megan McDonough for the Washington Post 


New Cocktails at doi moi

"Tiki buff Lukas B. Smith’s first order of business since taking over Doi Moi’s bar program was putting a frozen Cotton & Reed white rum cocktail on the menu, packed with pineapple and galangal spices."

- Tierney Plumb for Eater DC